Cyberinfrastructure Center of Excellence



CI CoE provides expertise and active support to cyberinfrastructure practitioners at NSF Major Facilities in order to accelerate the data lifecycle and ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the cyberinfrastructure upon which research and discovery depends.

Platform for knowledge sharing and community building

Key partner for the establishment and improvement of Major Facilities with advanced CI architecture designs

Grounded in re-use of dependable CI tools and solutions

Forum for discussions about CI sustainability and workforce development and training

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[Mar 15, 2020] PostgreSQL Database Administrator
IRIS Data Services


Data Lifecycle within NSF Major Facilities

The CICoE Pilot project developed a data lifecycle (DLC) model that identifies specific stages of the data flow within MFs – from scientific data collection to ultimate dissemination and use of the data by scientists. The DLC model also captures the specific functions and services offered at each DLC stage, the CI supporting each stage, and identifies CI and services that span and impact multiple DLC stages. The DLC stages are composed of 1) data capture/collection, 2) data processing near the instrument(s), 3) data processing at a central location (data center), 4) data storage, archiving, and curation, 5) data access, dissemination, and visualization.